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The Benzo 'Problem'

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

" When anxiety cripples you, there is no release from it. One group of medications called Benzodiazepines goes some way to helping people get through the day when things are at the worst stages.

The benefit of these drugs is well known for people with Schizophrenia. It helps you calm down and gives you a welcome break from how you feel. The problem with what people term benzos is that they're viewed as scheduled drugs by the governments, and doctors do not give them out very often through fear of dependence issues.

The common thread here is that people with Schizophrenia are not seen as responsible for themselves, and doctors with-hold these drugs from people - whilst at the same time letting them take Anti-Psychotics everyday of their lives. This makes no sense. The side-effects from Anti-Psychotics are terrible for many, and to say that you can have one but not the other is ridiculous.

I argue that people need these medicines, and although some may develop issues with dependence, in the main Schizophrenics would just be grateful to get a prescription for more than just a handful to help them in an emergency. We can be responsible.

I am levelling this mainly at GP's - or General Practitioners. I was in desperate need of some relief, and I walked away with just 7x 5mg tablets to help me. On the other hand, a very experienced Psychiatrist left me on 30mg per day for nearly a year and yes, I came off them myself as I did not want to take them anymore. In my cupboard I had over 300x 5mg tablets left over. I was responsible and gave the majority of them to a family member for safe keeping.

So this dependence and abuse of these drugs is not true in all cases. Sure there are people who abuse substances - I was one of them a long time ago, but it would become abundantly clear to the source of these drugs if they keep getting asked for them. The argument that these drugs need to be handed out sparingly from a knee-jerk reaction years ago is not an excuse to with-hold a medicine that would go to helping people not feel bad.

We all know how valuable these pills are. Trust me, they would be taken very sparingly and saved for those times when we're most in need. A Schizophrenic is not automatically a drug addict. " - Undisclosed poster