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Social Media Reaction to Mental Health Concerns

" I had a social media account last year that I shutdown, I would whinge about how I was treated by mental health workers and their behaviours and how ridiculous the complaint forms are when half the clients in the place are so unwell you can’t quite grasp exactly what is said and they’re so delusional that the truth is inconsistent!

One of the clients would randomly yelp RAPE for a few weeks she did this and the next time I saw her she was grabbing peoples hands saying I love you! Anyway I was following a bunch of mental health types like ******* ********* and Mental Health **** but I would get random comments from them for about 5mins then they would delete them, random stuff about the NDIS or just cruel comments like “well you’ve obviously been mismanaged by your workers you should know that we won’t help by now”.

I would write about how easy it is to violate a persons rights in those places and people who I’ve spoken to had been put in wards by normal hospitals because someone drugged their drink in a nightclub and all they needed was help to come down from whatever drug was in their system! They see what is being written, They hear what is going on, yet they behave like we don’t exist or we’re just there so they can have a job, half the time I’m sure that they don’t work with normal people because if they did they wouldn’t be keeping their jobs. " Undisclosed Poster