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Schizophrenia and Paranoia

" One of the symptoms of my schizophrenia is that I deal with an almost constant state of paranoia. It can range anywhere from mild anxieties such as “Did I turn the stove off?” to even more extreme things like believing there is an implant in my brain. I've been known to tear apart rooms searching for hidden cameras, and once cut all the eyes out of the posters from my walls because I felt as though I was being watched. Anytime I hear or see people laughing in public I am always paranoid that they are laughing at me, and I often catch myself thinking things like, “what if people can read my mind” or “what if my thoughts are not my own?”. Sometimes my paranoia is so crippling that it prevents me from leaving the house, and has even prevented me from getting proper medical care because I was so paranoid the doctors would do something harmful to me. 

Anyone who deals with paranoia knows how exhausting it is. It is so tiring to be in a constant state of anxiety, and a lot of the time there isn't much that can be done to help. With medication, it has gotten bearable, but I still live with paranoia breathing down my neck. People often try to reason with me and talk me out of whatever it is that I am paranoid about, but even if I can see the reason in the situation, the paranoia still lingers and simply doesn’t go away. I often feel very silly because I know how ridiculous some of my paranoias are, but they are still there. " Undisclosed poster