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Schizophrenia and Depression

" Along with schizophrenia I suffer from major depression. It is unclear whether or not my depression is a symptom of my schizophrenia or another illness altogether. Though my depression does affect my everyday life and hinders my ability to do many everyday things, it is manageable most days. I am currently on medication for it, and it does help, but there are periods where my depression becomes unbearable and has hospitalized me on one occasion for a few weeks.

I have many symptoms when it comes to my depression, though they could also be symptoms of my schizophrenia as well. These include, but are not limited to:

Social withdraw, fatigue, lack of interest, unable to eat, unable to sleep, sleeping too much, feelings of hopelessness, feelings of dread, sadness, being unable to perform daily task such as personal hygiene task, no self-esteem, no libido, lack of motivation, poor concentration, feeling empty, self-harming, and in extreme cases thoughts of suicide.

It can be so incredibly difficult to get out of bed most days. And people who struggle with depression understand that this is not common laziness. You just feel so tired, so overwhelmed yet underwhelmed at the same time, everything feels as if it is in slow motion and your body feels heavy. The feelings of guilt and worthlessness take over, and it feels like there is no way to escape it. And for me, my voices are not nice to me, and they do not help my situation when I am depressed. They can make it worse. Both depression and schizophrenia are difficult illnesses, and it is really hard to juggle the two.

Sometimes I feel completely alone on this matter, but I know I can't be the only one who struggles with this." - Undisclosed Poster