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Mental problems - Commonalities

" Mental problems share commonalities. Many mentally ill people struggle for years. Great many still manage to lead semi normal life, that is keep a job and have friends and get married. Those unlucky with no support networks or inappropriate help slip through the cracks of system and end up homeless. Many of us if not grand majority have colleagues who are mentally ill and dont know about it. Most people dont want to advertise the fact they are mentally ill often reject help out of fear that the word gets out. Many mentally ill people have trouble dealing with stress. Either because being stressed is part of the mental illness or because they have to work harder to overcome their mental limitations imposed by mental illness.

Mentally ill people are not evil. The chances of meeting a mentally ill asshole is equal to meeting a mentally healthy asshole.

Schizophrenia is very different for everyone. I have met and talked to schizophrenics and schizoaffective people and bipolars and with many others who I had no idea what they have. I have talked to them in psychiatric ward where I was with them and many of them are simply decent and normal people who simply had to go through psychotic episodes of some kind or had to struggle with losing control and sturggled keeping up with life. Most all had different experiences. Some had more similar experiences. Some people get hospitlized in rather funny ways, like one of the guys there, a boy was once cleaning the car for his parents. He used sandpaper. Some people get hospitalized more often. Some only once, but carry the lable to to their grave. A lot of mentally ill people deals with the illness by drugs, especially those who don't know they are mentally ill or those who know, but don't want or get psychiatric help in time. " - Source is not being disclosed