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A Collection of Work Related Issues

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

" I had to go to the hospital and my husband disclosed my diagnosis to my employers and now they are giving me a hard time about coming back. I’m still trying to resolve it. " - Undisclosed poster

" I had no choice in the end but to tell my manager and the HR department. I had been off sick in hospital but I had to return whilst I wasn't doing great still, I needed the money to pay bills and had no choice as I didn't get paid anything for being sick " - Undisclosed poster

" I have recently been struggling with work. I have tried some new things to bring about some additional purpose, as I am very tired now and I am starting to flag with life. The only reason I have not killed myself yet is because of what it would do to my family. Apart from that, I have no purpose. Working is difficult because of some underlying issues and I have no life outside of this. I have tried very hard to not be on benefits with nothing to do, but nothing ever seems to be enough.

I break even financially, and I have no chance of being promoted. This is a problem as I have to stay as my illness is out there where I work, and other employers may not be as understanding. It does feel like it would all be in vain, I don't want to be homeless, but if things fall apart that will happen.

Each day and each week just becomes harder and harder to get across the line and I am not sure for how much longer I can go on like this " - Undisclosed poster

To add your experiences of difficulties relating to work, please let us know and we will add your feedback on mental health in the work place.