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Fighting the beliefs that people have about Schizophrenia

This all starts with one person, posting what nobody else wants to hear. The online community of people who have Schizophrenia will start to share their stories here, so you can see that we're just regular people - who want to fight for our recognition in this world.

The stigmatisation of this illness means we are ignored by media sources, mental health campaigners and are members of this world who are not acceptable. We are the other 1%. We're discredited by definition of our illness, and few want to listen to us.

We live on the periphery of this world, with no voice or a collective call to action for better treatment by other people. Our diagnosis is the worst swear-word that would silence any crowd. We try our best, but it's just not good enough.

The creator of this site has decided to take action, and to try and get the word out on the internet that Schizophrenics are capable, and we need a voice to show people that we're not dangerous, just mis-understood. This is hoped to be a stepping stone to raising awareness. That's all.



There are moderators coming soon!